I am still a human in beta. These are the notes on how it's going.

I'm no superman

Tuesday | 09.14.2021

Being Human is Hard When I start out my day wearing all of these roles -- wife, engineer, friend, daughter, housekeeper, etc -- I get to the…

Change the Climate

Friday | 08.13.2021

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Allison Levine speak about her harrowing experiences climbing Mount Everest. During the…

Write a personal README

Saturday | 08.29.2020

What's a README? A personal readme is a document outlining how you do your best work. It should articulate how you like to work, collaborate…

Working with Me

Wednesday | 07.29.2020

Hey there! Nice to meet you. This is my (possibly self-absorbed) attempt to start us on the right foot. Much like myself, this document is…

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