About Lauren Burroughs

The Basics

I've worn a lot of hats throughout my web development career, but my current role is Senior Developer at Phase2.

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Chicago, IL

How it started

I have always been an avid reader with a fascination for asking the right questions. These joint passions took me to pursue a degree in Journalism from Ohio University.

It was during my time at OU that I found my first tribe (my Delta Zeta sisters) and was first introduced to the wide world of web development. The first time I found flow in the visual storytelling of writing code to move around pixels was the peak of serendipity. I came out of that knowing that while, I no longer craved being a journalist, I had found a new way to tell stories that was true and beautiful for me.

How it's going

Since then, I've worked on some really interesting projects and I've had the blessing to work on a number of amazing teams. I still see my job as one of telling stories, they just look a little different than I had expected in my youth.

I'm definitely still a human in beta. If you're interested in learning more about the ways I'm still learning and growing, go check out my blog. A good place to start getting to know me more is by finding out what it's like working with me.

Outside of Work

I value authenticity and integrity. I live my life as the same whole person. So, the things I do outside of work often balance and enlighten the work I do during the day.

When I'm not working, I am always reading something. I am an active member on the Executive Board of the Delta Zeta Chicago Alumnae Chapter. Often, I am fostering and training dogs for One Tail at a Time. I am a struggling runner. I enjoy cooking, video games, and photography.

My life would be incomplete without my husband and our dog Hodor.

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