Working with Me

Wednesday | July 29, 20202 min read

Hey there! Nice to meet you.

This is my (possibly self-absorbed) attempt to start us on the right foot. Much like myself, this document is always in beta. I proudly found this idea from a co-worker, who adapted it from elsewhere on the internet. If you have a document like this please, please, please share it with me. If not, you should definitely consider writing one.


If you need to reach out to me, please ping me on chat. Please, use the most appropriate public channel based on the topic of discussion. I am not a fan of private conversations if it doesn't need to be private.

If it's a longer discussion, let's jump on a video call. I'm happy to read through emails, however, I find that a synchronous discussion where we are both fully present leads to the best results in these matters.

Please avoid booking meetings with me that do not include agendas. I'm always happy to share time on my calendar for any reason, I just ask that you include that reason within the meeting invite so that I can best prepare for the conversation.


I relish being a remote employee, and the flexibility to create the best life for myself, and my family that a remote environment provides. Typically, speaking I work 9am - 5pm Central Time. It is not unusual that I will take calls outside of these hours when necessary; just as it is not unusual that I might need to schedule other activities during these hours and time shift as necessary. I do not answer emails or chat outside of my working hours.

Please let me know your typical working hours. If I ever reach out to you outside of your working hours (sometimes I'm just too excited to contain myself), do not respond until you have returned to work.


I am constantly looking for feedback, so please trust me when I say you won't offend me. Whatever your feedback may be please just keep it honest and timely. While I appreciate constructive criticism I also like to process my reaction, note my areas of improvement and catalog my progress, therefore I prefer to receive feedback in a written manner.

Likewise, you can expect me to give candid and timely feedback to you. Please, let me know how you prefer to receive feedback.

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